How to become a video game tester

A video game tester or a quality control tester has the role of ensuring that video game products meet the required standards. Before a game is launched to the market, the tester has to do many things to ensure that there are no problems are experienced. First, they verify that every aspect of a game works as intended. Secondly, they come up with a report about the gameplay problems or programming bugs so that system developers can work on them.

Career requirements

Like any other field, there are specific requirements to be met before one playing gamebecomes a video game tester. The potential employer seeks for individuals with knowledge and skills in either of these fields: software development, computer programming, computer science or any gaming experience. In addition to this, they opt to go for degree holders. Most employers also seek for individuals with a minimum work experience of at least two years with video games, computer software, and program troubleshooting.

Some of the skills that a person has to possess are good writing skills, familiarity with games and gameplay knowledge on computer programming among others. Once an individual has met the career requirements stated above, he/she can go through the following three main steps to becoming a video game tester.

Steps to becoming a Video Game Tester

Have video gaming skills

To do a video testing an individual may have to gain experience with different platforms and with different game genres. This justifies the reason employers wish to recruit individuals who love video games and have an upper hand knowledge on the same. In addition to this one should always be updated on what’s trending in the video game market.

game stick Get technical training

Different employers have different preferences on career requirements. Nevertheless, one has to go through a training program or an undergraduate program. In addition to this having knowledge on technology is an added advantage in this field. Technologist could be essential to game developers as they can b able to communicate technical problems likely to be experienced

Gain experience

Having expertise in this field is an added advantage to video game testers. There are some ways one can gain experience. Experience may be gained through voluntary professional certification and certification in more technical areas. When it comes to how much do video game testers make, this is also a matter of experience in this area. Experience allows one to deal with even more sophisticated problems and hence assurance that the job is of quality.

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How to become a video game tester